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Fyrebox joins the list of Awesome Apps on Zapier

Fyrebox joins the list of Awesome Apps on Zapier

Today marks a new milestone on the journey to creating the best quiz maker in the world. Fyrebox is now available to all users of Zapier, the best software integration tool on the Internet. Many of our users have enjoyed the benefits of integrating their quiz with one of the 500+ apps on Zapier. But they needed an invite link. As of today, Fyrebox has been approved by Zapier and is now part of the ZapBook.

How can Zapier enhance your quiz?

For those who haven’t used Zapier before, how can it enhance your quiz? By automatically sending the data collected by your quiz to another app, such as a CRM (e.g. SalesForce) or Autoresponder (e.g. Mailchimp). Here is an infographic to help you understand the benefit of Zapier using Mailchimp as an example.

Fyrebox Zapier Integration

Needless to say that Zapier saves you a lot of time by automating the process of downloading the email addresses collected by your quiz and uploading them on your list in Mailchimp.

Who will benefit from the Fyrebox – Zapier Integrations

If you have a small business using more than one app for your marketing needs, chances are that you will benefit from Fyrebox and Zapier. A typical small business uses a CRM, a email marketing software and has a website promoting its products or services. And of course, small business owners spend a huge amount of time handling the synchronisation of data between all the apps they use.

If you have created a Quiz to generated leads, you will have to import the leads  to your CRM. If you have created a Quiz to get more email addresses for your newsletter, you need to import the email addresses to your email software. More and more people are reluctant to use yet another tool as it adds more work in terms of synchronisation of data and logistics. Zapier solves this problem by logging in automatically on both apps and transfer the data between them.

A few ready-made examples

We have created shared Zaps to help you get started.


If you have any questions about the Fyrebox – Zapier integration, don’t hesitate to contact us using the green help button located on the right corner of this page

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